Gina, Shaun and Joshua  The Impact of Crime

Gina's parents and the boy's grandparents talk about their kids - how they lived and, most importantly, how they died.  They talk about the "ripple effect" and the impact of a crime.

They have spoken before numerous national, governmental, law enforcement, and civic groups on the subject. They also speak in prisons, directly to the offenders, on the topic of domestic violence and the impact the crime of murder has on society.

It's their hope — through these talks — that they can open one person's eyes about the effects of domestic violence and murder.

In a continuous effort to get their message out Gina, Shaun, and Joshua's family established REMEMBERING THE TRUE VICTIMS, INC (RTTV) in October 2000.  This non-profit organization is designed to advocate, through public awareness and education, for victims of crime and, while doing so, never losing focus of who the true victims of crime are.

RTTV provides heightened awareness of the far reaching effect of crime. This is accomplished:

It's the hope of Gina, Shaun, and Joshua's family, that through their efforts, just one young women, just one little boy, just one family won't experience with they have experienced.  Should that happen, they feel that they have done honor to their kid's memory.

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